Cottage Industry Films was born out of the collaboration of Ashley Wing & Clayton Fussell when they worked together on the, now, multi award winning bittersweet mockumentary 'A Hard Day's Knight'.

Having solidified their collaboration, they have written, produced and directed numerous award winning productions, receiving high acclaim and praise from Virgin Media Shorts and the Portebello Film Festival London. Their work has been described as 'Very imaginative and funny' and 'Technically excellent' by respected, 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Skyfall' cinematographer, Roger Deakins.

Their combined experience has seen the fruition of work being distributed through Sony in 32 countries and the promotion of regional UK artistic talent for the Olympics 2012, on behalf of the Arts Council England. They have also adapted American scripts for the European market.

Clayton and Ashley focus on feature film production. Their passion for scriptwriting and directing is forward momentum for Cottage Industry Films and it's established track record of producing high quality narrative drama.

Behind the scenes documentaries

Film by David James. Filmed on Location in Brixham, Devon in 2012 during principle photography of 'Day Return'.

Film by David James. Filmed on Location in Kingswear, near Brixham, Devon in 2009 during principle photography of 'Robbing Peter'.

Film by Alex Barrett. Filmed on Location in London June 2008 during principle photography of 'Disturbed'.